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  • Please sign and return your Registration form as this ensures you are fully covered by our Insurance whilst you are in our vehicles. If you are not paying by Bank Transfer, please enclose your Membership fee of £5 (and any donation you may feel you would like to make). This money ensures that we are able to continue to provide our service. Please make sure that any person who needs our service is registered and not booked under another member’s name. This, again, is to ensure they have the protection of Insurance.

  • It is advisable to book your car immediately after you receive your appointment, as we do get booked up very quickly. If you find you need to be somewhere at short notice, please always ring the office as we may have a driver available. Priority will be given to medical appointments; however we may be able to help with getting you to social events once all the medical appointments are covered.

  • If you need to cancel your booking for any reason, please notify us immediately. This will enable us to reallocate the driver to another journey.

  • You will be the only passenger in the car. If you are going to take somebody with you, please let us know at booking. You will be picked up and returned to your home address. The price of your journey will be dependent on your destination, and we can advise you of the fare at booking. The price is for a return journey and includes an hour and a half waiting time. Any parking charges are not included in the fare and are payable by the member. The waiting time starts on arrival at your destination. If the appointment runs over the hour and a half waiting time, a £5 charge is then payable for each hour thereafter. If you have been advised that your appointment/procedure will be considerably lengthy, it may be necessary to arrange two cars. This, of course, will be subject to a double journey charge. Payment is in cash only to the driver.

  • Journeys to London Hospitals are subject to Congestion and London Ultra Low Emission Zone charges. The cost of these journeys will be advised on booking. Parking fees will not be included in this price and will need to be covered by the member.

  • If you need to take a folding wheelchair/walking aid or need physical assistance to enable you to access your appointments, please let us know at booking. Some of our cars are unable to fit aids into their boots (it is possible to borrow wheelchairs at some hospitals), and not all of our drivers can offer physical assistance.

  • If you are on Guaranteed Pension Credit or another benefit, you may be able to claim back the cost of your transport.

  • To claim your travel costs, take your travel receipts, appointment letter or card, plus proof that you're receiving one of the qualifying benefits, to a nominated cashier's office. Nominated cashiers' offices are located in the hospital or clinic that treated you. They'll assess your claim and make the payment directly to you. In some hospitals, the name of the office you need to go to may be different (for example, the General Office or the Patient Affairs Office).

  • Please remember that our office staff and drivers are volunteers, and there may be times when we cannot help you with your booking.

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