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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

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Arun Community Transport have been saving for their own Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) for several years. Our original ambition was to have an electric vehicle. Barchester Charitable Foundation kindly pledged £10,000.00 towards an electric WAV in March 2023.
As we approached August 2023, after being turned down for a grant to enable us to buy a fully electric WAV it became clear that our collective efforts were insufficient to secure the funds for an Electric wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV). Faced with this reality, we, Arun Community Transport Trustees, had to reassess our goals to ensure the provision of a Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle for the Residents of Arun.


We had to cut our clothes to our means; we could afford a Diesel WAV.  Barchester Charitable Foundation kindly changed our award to allow us to purchase a Diesel WAV. With this great news, we ordered a wheelchair-accessible vehicle and took its delivery in early March of this year. We also thank West Sussex County Council for their kind grant.

We are now ready to provide our service; on weekdays, we will book trips for wheelchair users. This is subject to finding more Volunteer drivers to drive the WAV.

At weekends, we intend to offer it to family or friends of wheelchair users. The Booking fee for this is £10.00, and a fee of 50p a mile. The Wheelchair user will need to be a member of ACT (Currently £5.00 per annum), and the driver will need to be registered as a volunteer driver.

To book trips, please get in touch with our team on 01903 792110

Our current need is for Volunteer Drivers. The commitment will be what they can undertake. They can claim travel expenses to Dove Lodge Community Resource Centre in Littlehampton. This is an exciting and rewarding endeavour.
For more information, please get in touch with our volunteer coordinator, Chris Fuller, at 07778835518 or email

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